Our vision is to continuously strive to carry cargo based on principles of Health, Safety, Security, Environment friendliness, Compliance, Transparency and Efficiency. We will become a frontrunner number one company who has achieved these seven points through continual improvement. As a result, we aim to fulfill our long - term goals “zero incidents”, “zero spills” and “reduction in permitted emissions”.

Health – Mental/physical health is bedrock.

Safety – Safety is most important. We strongly believe this is basis of everyone’s happiness.

Security – Security to our people, vessels and cargo.

Environment friendliness – We commit to Environment for continued sustainable growth.

Compliance – Compliance to local, national and international regulations.

Transparency – Transparency is indispensable to excellent service to the customers.

Efficiency – Only efficient company is able to continue in service for long term. We will be one of them!


First of all, we highly appreciate all of our charterers, financiers, brokers, business association, suppliers, office staffs, seafarers and their family for continued trust and support to Fuyo Kaiun. Because of your support, we are able to service our first- class charterers for more than 40 years.

And for next 80 years, we would like to pursue “Everyone’s Happiness”.

It’s not an easy journey however we would like to always look in this direction when we make a decision.

Thank you in advance for your further continuous support and we are looking forward to serving you with utmost determination and gratitude.

- Daisuke Kubo


Name - Fuyo Kaiun Co.,Ltd

Founded - September 30th, 1974

Our Charterers

- Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.
- Mitsui O.S.K. Lines
- Iino Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd.
- Maersk Tankers
- Handytankers K/S
- Waterfront Shipping Company Ltd.
- Norden
- BP Shipping

Environment Standard- ISO 14001

EMS Documents

- Environmental Policy
- Scope of EMS



Makoto Sogabe

Executive Officer

Corporate Management Division

Fuyo Kaiun resembles stability and growth for owners. It is surely a rising company in Japan for international ship management.

Shuzo Banjo

Executive Officer

Corporate Management Division

Planning in Fuyo is bringing the future into the present so that we can do something about it now!

Yasuki Noami

Executive Officer

Ship Management Administration Division

At Fuyo Kaiun, we strongly believe that training of the ship staff is the most critical factor in achieving a safe, economical & profitable operation of a vessel.

Capt. Yeong Min Oh


Lots of opportunities at sea and in the world to succeed in our business, life and vision. Fuyo will keep going on the way to find out.

Futoshi Seike

Deputy General Manager Crewing

The crew is the heart of every vessel and it is important that owners are ensured that their vessels are manned with reliable and qualified crew. We ensure quality crew management.

Capt. Sachin Kumar

Group Leader Operations

We take decisions to trade the vessels in Pool or Chartered to generate high financial returns all the times.

Subir Kumar Majumder

Group Leader Technical

With technological advancement, shipping industry has become safe and efficient. It’s our constant endeavor to operate the ships economical & achieve results beyond the target.

Capt. Yu Chan Im

Group Leader - HSSEQ

At Fuyo Kaiun the health and safety of all people, together with a strong respect for the environment, is of utmost importance.