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Technical Management

Technical management is our core business, to which we contribute over four decades of experience and a relentless focus on safety.Fuyo Kaiun is dedicated to providing consulting and project management expertise to projects of varying scope and complexity.

HSSEQ Management

Our HSSEQ team provides the structured set of controls for managing HSSEQ in our vessels. Our HSSEQ management assists vessel staff at all levels to understand the importance of specific risks, delivers the processes to manage & control them.

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Education And Training

We have made a long standing commitment to invest in training of our officers and crew. We intend to remain competitive maintaining international standards as well as keep our employees satisfied and motivated.

Commercial Management

We have offered our vessels in commercial management to Maersk Tankers, MOL, K-line & IINO in long term time-charter. Recently, Fuyo took a historic decision to participate in pool setup & have collaborated with Maersk Handytankers as pool partner to optimize the best earning in the current market situation.

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Crew Management

We avail well trained personnel of all ranks through our crewing agencies in Philippines, Korea, Myanmar and Eastern Europe. Our highly experienced crewing offices have a reputation for supporting seafarers which has enabled our company to avail officers and crew as per our requirement.

Operations Management

Our operations team gets involved in the day to day operations of vessels including navigational safety, cargo, ballast and tank cleaning and inspections. They analyze and monitor the voyage orders and ensure full operational support to master to ensure potential problems are averted.

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Asset Management And Planning

We follow a systematic process of purchasing, operating and selling of our assets cost-effectively. Market variables hugely affect our decisions on new building vessels. We take decisions based on entire life cycle of assets.